Migration Skills Assessment EA


Migration Skills Assessment EA

The Migration Skills Assessment EA Program (MSA) is for applicants applying for a permanent skilled migration visa in occupations and countries not covered by Registered Training Organizations (RTO) approved by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA).

It is a paper-based skills assessment of your qualification/s and employment history to determine comparability with Australian standards for a skilled worker in your nominated occupation.

The process of Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia is for all the engineers who do not hold Australian qualifications or qualifications from countries that are cosigners of the Washington Accord through the pathway of CDR. Engineers try to impress the Australian authority through CDR that they have all the skills and competencies it is looking for in the engineer of their levels and is, therefore, eligible for skilled migration to Australia. The Engineers Australia publishes the handbook of Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) time and again that consists of all the information regarding the process and guidelines of the EA MSA for CDR writing. In spite of the detailed information provided by the booklet of Engineers Australia, most of the engineers’ CDR still get rejected and are not able to get the visa of migration as they failed to fulfill the EA requirements. In short, if you are an engineer from India and want to settle down in Australia, you will have to apply through the CDR pathway. In simple words, it could be your ticket to getting your Skilled Migration Visa to Australia.

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