Is it acceptable to use CDR professional help for engineers in Australia?


Is it acceptable to use CDR professional help for engineers in Australia?

Competency Demonstration Report or CDR is a technical document that needs to be submitted to the Engineers Australia (EA) for the skills assessment process. It’s a representation of your engineering skills and competencies written in a long essay format. It should be written according to the guidelines provided by Engineers Australia (EA).

CDR report comprises of continuing professional development, 3 career episode, summary statements, and Resume Samples. Engineers wishing to obtain a work visa for Australia have to write such reports.

I would recommend you to take help from an agency to write your CDR report to avoid rejections. Your Visa can get easily rejected if you commit a simple mistake in your report preparation.

However, Engineers Australia asks the candidates to prepare their own CDR reports. Due to the tight schedule, most of the candidates rely on agencies. You can visit us at CDR Samples | Engineers Australia approved CDR Samples for Engineers for sample reports to help you in writing a neat report following the guidelines to be accepted by Engineers Australia.

We provide a number of exemplary CDR samples for different engineering disciplines at economical prices. These samples are already assessed and recommended by Engineers Australia. Our technical Writers who prepare CDR Samples hold Engineering degrees. They have wide and profound knowledge in the engineering field. Our CDR samples are up to date and can be easily applied for the creation of your own CDR.