Future of Chemical Engineers in Australia

Chemical Engineers in Australia

Future of Chemical Engineers in Australia

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the part of engineering that deals with chemical production to produce, design, transport and transform energy and materials. Chemical engineers are sometimes also called ‘universal engineers’ as they essentially are concerned with transforming one thing into another. This includes designing equipment, systems and processes for refining raw materials and for mixing, compounding and processing chemicals to make valuable products.

Roles of Chemical Engineer

 To prepare the designs for chemical process systems and planning control systems for processes include those used to remove and separate components, test and evaluate fuels, effect chemical changes, transfer heat, and control the storing & handling of solids, liquids, and gases.

 To monitor the operation and maintenance of equipment to obtain maximum efficiency under safe operating conditions.

 To ensure correct materials and equipment are used and that they comply with specifications

 To diagnose malfunctions in chemical plants and initiating remedial action

 To study product utilization and pollution control problems

 To review plans for new products and submit material selection recommendations in concert with design specifications and factors including strength, weight and cost.

Demand of Chemical Engineers in Australia

Chemical Engineers are currently in demand in Australia. In recent years, there has been strong demand for professionals with Chemical Engineering skills in Australia. However, according to the University of NSW, Australia’s demand for engineers far exceeds its supply of graduates, which offer professional Chemical Engineers across the world an opportunity to migrate and be a part of this land of opportunities. If you are keen to move Australia and your profession is Chemical Engineer in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 233111, then you are presently in demand by employers in Australia.

Why Anzsco 233111: Chemical Engineer CDR Important for Australia?

Australian economy is developing exponentially with dynamic vigor in the Oil, Gas and Mining sector. Chemical Engineers with an impressive global experience are in more prominent need in Australia. Australian Government has opened migration visas for Chemical Engineers to overcome the delay in projects. Chemical Engineers( ANZSCO code 233111) are in gigantic interest in Australia in some specific segments, for example oil and gas, process activity, advanced education, and so forth. The section prerequisite for this occupation is a four year bachelor’s degree/ certification or equivalent. In a few examples applicable experience is required notwithstanding the formal qualification. Government of Australia provides the visa to the engineers who are perfectly skilled and qualified enough in the field of chemical engineering. All they have to do is to go through the assessment test called cdr (competency demonstration report) which is conducted by the Engineers Australia just to check their competency levels. This cdr sample consists of summary statement, three career episodes, resume sample and a cpd(continuing professional development.

CDR Sample for Chemical Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:

 Curriculum Vitae (CV): The resume includes a full summary of the applicants engineering education, work experience and the activities of the author.

 Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant.

 Three Career Episode Sample: Career Episode gives a brief explanation of your engineering education, job experience and any training related to engineering.

 Summary Statement Sample: Summary statement gives the detail explanation of all the competency element and talks about the competencies one holds that is suited to the requirements laid down by EA.