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About Us

CDR Sample specializes in CDR writing services.

About Us

CDR Sample aims to assist Engineers in preparation of Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR). It provides complete guidance for Competency Assessment for EA Membership. The CDR report is a key component of the Australian immigration process & skill assessment. Engineering students have to submit this report to the EA We are an independent organization with a highly professional team providing CDR Samples to Engineers globally with their skills assessment based on our vast experience in this field. Australia Migration Assessment Preparation of CDR and Career Episodes (CEs) is the vital step in migration skills assessment which needs to be done right in the first attempt.

We provide a number of exemplary CDR samples for all engineering disciplines at economical prices. These samples are already assessed and recommended by Engineers Australia. Our technical Writers who prepare CDR Samples hold Engineering degrees. They have wide and profound knowledge in the engineering field. Our CDR samples are up to date and can be easily applied for the creation of your own CDR.

Why choose us?

CDRSample.com.au is one of the best CDR Sample providers. Here, we provide various CDR samples including Continuing Profesional Development (CPD), Three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and Resume Sample. Our professional team own years of experience in the preparation of CDR samples for approval by Engineers Australia. Our exclusive CDR samples are equally professional and economical providing CDR Reference Reports for Various Engineering Disciplines. Learn about our website and how you can contact us with questions.

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Continuing Professional Development
The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant.
Three Career Episodes
Career Episode gives a brief explanation of your engineering education, job experience and any training related to engineering.
Summary Statement
The summary statement gives a detail explanation of all the competency elements and talks about the competencies one holds that is suited to the requirements laid down by EA.
Resume Sample
The resume includes a full summary of the applicants engineering education, work experience and the activities of the author.